"Field Armor," recently released by McCoy’s Superior Shooting Products, LLC, is the most practical recoil protection product in the industry.  A revolutionary recoil shield is designed for shooters wanting more protection than conventional recoil pads or over-the-shoulder systems provide.  Field Armor utilizes new design concepts and high-tech materials to tame heavy recoil.  Field Armor allows shooters to comfortably fire virtually any caliber from any position.

At the heart of this recoil shield is a specially contoured plate of Lexan.  This unique component spreads recoil energy across an area far larger than that of the gunstock butt, thus eliminating the "bite"! 

Under the Lexan plate, special shock-absorbing foams absorb a maximum amount of recoil.  Chosen to retain their shock-absorbing qualities over a broad range of temperatures, these foams are shaped to fit the contour of the user's shoulder.

Field Armor is simple and convenient to use.  It is secured with an adjustable 3-point suspension system made from harness-grade elastic.  It is adjustable for all sizes of shooters and attaches conveniently to your belt loops.  The genuine leather cover, with a slip-resistant texture, is durable and attractive.  The unique design of Field Armor allows users to interchange shields to meet specific requirements.  Both heavy and light duty shields are included with each order! 

As with all McCoy's Superior Shooting Products, Field Armor is made entirely in the U.S.A.


"Field Armor" eliminates almost all felt recoil! No Matter what your sex or size, this product will keep you shooting any caliber comfortably at the range.


Last year at the SCI show in Reno we asked 10 year old Fern Spaulding from Talkeetna Alaska if she would test youth size prototypes of Field Armor for us.  She graciously accepted.  Preliminary results are extremely encouraging.  In May 2006 Fern used a prototype Field Armor and her 375 H&H from the prone position to take this magnificent 11'7'' Brown Bear at 30 yards.  When asked how Field Armor worked during practice sessions she replied "you can't feel a thing." 

We hope to have the youth version available by December 2006.  We would also like to thank Fern and her father Larry Rivers for helping us with this project.  To see more pictures of Fern and her hunts click here!